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Ah, my first real post. I have chosen, at random, the Kansas City Chiefs to assess after a curiously quiet offseason. The team added only one free agent of note (Thomas Jones) but did not lose any key components. Well, they didn’t have any in the first place, so that goes without saying. Of course, you probably already know that, so I’m not going to ramble on. 

31. Kansas City Chiefs (4-12)The Chiefs were 30th in total defense and 25th in total offense last year after finishing with an abysmal record that netted them a top 5 pick. With stud left tackle Russell Okung on the board, the Chief’s decision is easy. However, they made the wrong one. While I think Eric Berry will have a lot of success, I doubt he will have a Reed or Polamalu-like effect on the game. If I am correct about that, he was not worth taking over Okung. While everybody can agree that Jon McGraw is awful, a left tackle is much more valuable to your team than a free safety. The draft did not improve much after that. Dexter McCluster? A scatback with the 36th overall pick. McCluster has potential, but he is a luxury pick. Now, instead of Russell Okung and Nate Allen, you are stuck with a hugely overpaid safety and a project 3rd down back/slot receiver. Oh boy. I never thought much of Javier Arenas as a cover man, but he could be a dangerous return man. Not dangerous enough to be the 50th overall pick, however.Overall, the Chiefs went out and got three potential starters – Casey Wiegmann at center, Ryan Lilja at guard, and Eric Berry at safety – when they needed much more. They got no impact players, and I find it hard to believe that Kansas City will be able to do more with less in 2010. When Tamba Hali, Jamaal Charles, and Dwayne Bowe are your three best players, you need to be much more aggressive in an uncapped offseason. While they are good, young players, the Chiefs need Tyson Jackson and Glenn Dorsey to step up, a force at nose tackle, a stronger offensive line, many more reliable pass-catchers, and a much more reliable quarterback to feed them.  Even in the weakest division in football, I would be very surprised if the Chiefs won more than six games.


May 28, 2010 - Posted by | Opinion

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