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An 8-8 season for a New York team with all the pieces in place is simply not going to cut it. The Giants organization feels the sense of urgency, which has already prompted them to release mainstay in the middle Antonio Pierce. Pierce suggests that Tom Coughlin could be the next to get the boot. “He’s on the hot seat,” Pierce said of Coughlin during an interview with NFL Network. “I think everybody in New York is on the hot seat.”

The Giants have the makings of a strong, but not great, offense, but I’m not sure how their defense will do. I’m not sold on rookie Jason Pierre-Paul or any of the once feared defensive line, really. An average linebacking corps and many injury prone defensive backs leave much to chance this upcoming season. In New York, the expectations are always high, but how high should they be? Look at their schedule. Minnesota, Green Bay, Indianapolis, Houston, and Dallas twice. How many of those six can they realistically win? Two? Add four games against the Eagles and Redskins, and really the only “easy” wins are Seattle and Detroit.

The Giants could lose nine or ten games next year. They could also win ten or eleven. They are so tough to chart because of all the injuries they had last year and all the roster turnover since the 2008 season. If they finish below .500 however, I certainly would not be surprised if Coughlin gets ousted. Now is where things get really fun…

Imagine Coughlin’s replacement is a big name – say Bill Cowher or Brian Billick. They would then institute a 3-4 defense, presumably. They would be the third of the division to make the switch. They certainly have the personnel with Tuck, Kiwanuka, Clint Sintim, and Pierre-Paul as edge rushers, Barry Cofield as a nose tackle, Chris Canty and Jay Alford as 5 techniques, and Chase Blackburn, Jonathan Goff, and Michael Boley as inside ‘backers.

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May 29, 2010 - Posted by | NFL News, Opinion

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