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  27. Denver Broncos (4-12)

Eric Mangini, Scott Pioli, and now Josh McDaniels. If the Patriots’ system was so brilliant, why aren’t the Jets, Chiefs, Broncos, and Browns among the league’s finest? I don’t know how many failures it will take to come out of New England for people to realize Bill Belichick is the only man there who can run a football team. Two of the three stooges are in the AFC West now, and they’re making Al Davis look like Ozzie Newsome. Josh McDaniels has taken a very promising young team and has dismantled it in an alarmingly short time.

The cute, new-look Broncos took the league by surprise, but their 2-8 finish was no fluke. If they find a good quarterback out of the mess they have made there, their offense should do alright. Knowshon Moreno, Eddie Royal, and Demaryius Thomas make for a nice trio of skill players there and I like the additions they have made to their offensive line. On defense, it’s a different story entirely. In the secondary, their starters will be 32, 32, 31, and 36 years old at the beginning of the season. Apart from DJ Williams and Elvis Dumervil, all their defenders are sub-par starters and/or well past their prime. The Broncos run a 3-4 defense, don’t have a nose tackle, and pass up Dan Williams not once, but twice. They only have one pass rusher and pass on both Jerry Hughes and Sergio Kindle not once, but twice. They have no real solutions in their front seven, and this is a team that ranked 26th in run defense last season. They are a 4 to 5 win team for the next two years at least, and I would be shocked if they picked outside of the top 10 again.

I think Tim Tebow and Demaryius Thomas will both be very solid players in this league, but not this year. It could take Tebow three years and Thomas two for them to hit their strides. Meanwhile, Denver will suffer the consequences of making their defense wait their turn and will, in all likelihood, have only a very average offense to show for it.


May 29, 2010 - Posted by | Opinion

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